Multi Mixer Parts

The Sterling Multi Mixer was designed for heavy commercial use in mind.  Options include three or five spindle models and your preference of type and number of agitators. These 120 volt mixers have a primarily stainless steel construction with an attractive brush finish. Your purchase includes a one year warranty on both parts and labor.  Factory parts and service are available.  This mixer is perfect for milk shakes, smoothies, hard ice cream, yogurts, gelatos and frozen custards.  It's great for mixing in candy, flavorings, fruit or almost anything.


1 9B1M-3 Top Cover Assembly (Satin Finish)
2 9B20M-1/2 Friction Wheel Assembly with 1/2" Dia. Collet
2 9B20M-5/8 Friction Wheel Assembly with 5/8" Dia. Collet
2 9B20-8 Friction Wheel Collet with 1/2" Dia. Bore
2 9B20-9 Friction Wheel Collet with 5/8" Dia. Bore
3a 9B48-9 Switch Ring & Frame Assembly (Without Micro Switch)
3b 9B21-3 Micro Switch
4 9B35M-3 Spider Assembly
5 9B51M-3 Motor-----1/2 H.P.
5 9B54M-3 Motor-----3/4 H.P.
6 9B11-30 Spindle Assembly for Hard Ice Cream (4) Agitators
6 9B11-20 Spindle Assembly for Hard Ice Cream (3) Agitators
6 9B11-10 Spindle Assembly for Soft Ice Cream (2) Agitators
7 9B4M-3 3 Spindle Top Plate, and Skirt Assembly
7 9B4M-5 5 Spindle Top Plate, and Skirt Assembly (Shown)
8 9B13-3 Base Plate Assembly with Rubber Feet
9 9B45-4 Nylon Cup holder
10 9B45-5 Cup holder Retaining Spring
11 9B46-4 Cup holder Compression Spring & Switch Lifter
12 9B32-7 Nylon Spindle Mounting Bracket with Screws
13 9B33-3 Spindle Mounting Screw----#10-32X1/2" Round Head
14 9B33-4 Spindle Mounting Screw----#10-32X5/8" Oval Head
15 9B43-1 Toggle Arm
16 9B43-2 Toggle Lever
17 9B40-2 Toggle Arm Brass Pin (3/4'' Long Pin)
18 9B40-1 Toggle Lever Brass Pin (5/8" Short Pin)
19 9B42-3 Wire Spring Clip
20 9B28M-3 Drive Disc
21 9B29DX Flat Bottom Agitator for SOFT Ice Cream
22 9B29X Wavy Bottom Agitator for HARD Ice Cream
23 9B5-3 Cup rest Assembly
24 9B29-30 Top I Middle Agitator
25 9B12-1 Backstand
  9B27M-3 Screw & Washer for Drive Disc
  9B26-3 4-oz. Container Multimixer Spindle Oil
  9B54-4 Bottom Agitator Screw
  9B14-5 Rubber Foot, Including Screw & Hole Plug
  9B39-3 Spider to Backstand Rubber Washer
  9B38-3 Spider to Top Plate Rubber Washer
  9B34-3 Micro Switch Frame Return Spring
  9B20-10 Friction Wheel Nut
  9B57 Carton With Inner Pack
  9B60-2 SC Cup Attachment Assembly
  9B65-1 Feeler Gauge
  9B25-4 Upper Bearing
  9B25-6 Upper Bearing Retaine
  9B32-3 Steel Spindle Mounting Bracket Assembly
  9B66-1 Warning Label
  9B56-8 Owners Manual
  9B70 Multimixer Parts Kit

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